Line-through Swimbaits: Part 1

Fri, Aug 6, 2010

Basic Swimbaits, Techniques

Line-through swimbaits are an important tactic to have in your arsenal. They’re very versatile and have a proven track record of catching big fish, like this 11.5 in the Delta. Line-through baits can be used across the water column and have applications throughout the year. To start off I’ll discuss the gear and retrieves to use with Line-through swimbaits.

To learn how to tie a leader to braid check out Matt’s Post on Knot Tying

Stop by for Line-through swimbaits: Part 2 to learn summertime and night fishing tactics!

Watch Line-through Swimbaits: Part 2 HERE

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6 Responses to “Line-through Swimbaits: Part 1”

  1. Tacticalbassin Says:

    In my defense, its a barn. Its allowed to be a little more “spread out” than a standard garage. :-)
    Great video Kirk, lots of good stuff in there.

  2. Lance Krueger Says:

    Kirk, I can see that. Is his garage a big cardboard box?! I would bet it is!!

  3. Tacticalbassin Says:

    Thanks Lance, they’re definitely not perpendicular. I’ll pass your second suggestion along to Matt, thats his boat I’m sitting in. Its organized a lot like his swimbaits are : )


  4. Lance Krueger Says:

    First of all, the hook points of Owner 1x are “parallel with the hook shank” not “perpendicular.” And second of all, clean up your garage! ;-)


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  2. Line-through Swimbaits: Part 2 | - 09. Aug, 2010

    [...] Techniques Watch Line-through Swimbaits: Part 1 [...]

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